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How to make magical oils

A magical oil is the one created with an use in mind. You can use this kind of oil for multiple things like healing, protection, or any other spiritual uses. Any kind of oil has its purpose, also the ingredients and preparation will be different for each of them.

These oils are easy to create, you just need the perfect recipe and indications, in the end you will have the perfect one for your spiritual purposes.

Many witches and warlocks use this kind of oil in their witchcraft because the herb and ingredients they use have many purposes. Many practitioners also like to grow their own herbs because if they are grown with a specific purpose the magic will be greater, for this they connect with the plants’ spirits and ask them for their favor.

We will show you how to make an incredible magical oil to achieve all your goals.

How to prepare magical oils with herbs

To make a magical oil you will need an oil base, it must be infused with the herbs, and other ingredients that you want to add to the mix, after doing the mixing you will need to let them repose for 2–4 weeks. When you are doing this and the time has passed, you will need to take the infusion and filter it so that you will strain out the herbs and solid ingredients from the oil.

Prepare many oils as you need for your spells, they have multiple purposes like finding love, making money, healing properties, among others.

Now that you know the basics and what you are intending to do, let's explain every step to get the perfect mixing.

The ingredients and supplies that you will need for the creation of magical oils

  • A glass jar with a tight lid so the oil will not evaporate with the pass of the days. If you can find son mason jars they will work perfectly.
  • You will need another jar where you will put the finished oil of your own creation.
  • A piece of cheesecloth or any other soft cloth like muslin, for example, and with this a rubber band.
  • The principal ingredient is an oil base, you can find them in many places for an affordable price, and some of the most common oil bases are the sunflower oil, soy oil or olive oil.
  • Dried herbs of the kind you prefer to make your oil
  • Any other ingredients that you think you can use to make the perfect oil for your purposes
  • Labels, it is important because you would not like to confuse your oils.

The directions that you will need to follow in order to make them

  • First, make sure that the jars that you will use to make the mixing are completely clean; as we recommend glass jars; you can put them in boiling water for some minutes to sterilize them completely.
  • You will need to fill up about one-third of the jar or container you choose with the dried herbs or the solid ingredients that you will add to the mix.
  • Then put into the jar your oil base, it is important that you pour it over the herbs, continue filling the jar until you almost get to the top of the container. The more common oil bases are olive and sunflower oils, but you can have significant results if you use almond or jojoba ones because they have a fresher scent.
  • After you have mixed the base oil with the other ingredients, shake the mix for a moment and with caution.
  • Take a jar and close it, look for a cool and dark place to wait for the respective time to be done, it is important that in this step you label the jar with the herbs and other ingredients that you use and if it has a final use, it would be great to put it there too. You can strengthen the magical power of your oil by writing a short charm like a little poem to the spirits, telling them what you need, and asking with much respect for their help.
  • To get your oil done, you will need to wait from 2 to 4 weeks, in all this time get the jar where you made the mix and shake it gently at least two times every day. The timing will always depend on your necessities; if you want a lighter oil you can finish the process in two weeks but if you are looking for a stronger one, leave it there for one month at least.
  • After you have done all these steps and the correct time has passed, it is time to get your oil out of the jar, for this you will need the cheesecloth or any soft piece of cloth with some porous. Place that piece of cloth in the container's top, and be sure that it is well placed with a rubber band or something similar.
  • When you are sure that the oil will not spill everywhere, strain the oil of the container by taking it over another jar that will be the one where you will collect your new magic oil.
  • At the end of the strain, you will notice that some oil will not come to the new jar, for this take out the rubber band and take all the oil remaining on the herbs squeezing them. To squeeze the herbs you will need to have your hands clean and even though it can be a little messy, it is necessary to get the strongest part of the oil from it.
  • Once you finished taking out all your oil, put a label that says the ingredients used in this mixing and the date, then save it until you use it. Remember that these kind of oils will not last forever, at least six months.

This is how easily you can create your magical oils with no special equipment and fast, because it only takes less than 15 minutes.

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