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The magical ritual of spirit Mammon, the bringer of fortune, explained

The ritual of Mammon, bringer of fortune

Welcome to the ritual of Mammon, the bringer of fortune by Terra Incognita. In this article we will explain how our order Terra Incognita uses the special ritual of spirit Mammon and how to work with this incredible spirit.

First of all, I want to explain that there are several ways to work with the spirits, they are all different and as far as I know, most of them work. At Terra Incognita we probably do things a bit different. We stripped the ritual from all unnecessary fluff and concentrate on the essentials, thus making the rituals a lot easier and accessible.

One of the most important requirements is that you have some basic experience in meditation. This is important to get to the state where you can connect with the spirit of Mammon and transmit your petition to him.

Who is Mammon?

Mammon is a great spirit, very much attuned to matters of the earth. He is not in the Arbatel and he is not a demon. He governs all earthly matters. That is the main reason why several religions consider Mammon as evil. In their opinion Mammon distracts people from the search of enlightenment. This is only true for those who live in duality and need this separation to classify things. Mammon is neither good or evil. His powers are to be used to gain wealth and riches without losing your connection with the spiritual world.

Mammon is not an easy spirit to work with. He only works with people who are determined and who work hard. In these cases, he will help you without rest. Mammon will help you find the right contacts, guide you in the process of creation and management of your business or project. Mammon will attract clients, prospects, leads, business deals and people who can help you reach your goals. But he will not work for you if you want money without lifting a finger or if you want money through lotteries.

Mammon starts of slow, and when he sees you are responding to his indications, he starts speeding things up. You might need several weeks before you start noticing changes but if you keep doing what he indicates to you, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the improvements occurring.

How do we start ?

First I prepare all items I need for the communication with the spirits, in this case Mammon.

For the offerings to Mammon I use a combination of Silver, Oudh, Frankincense, Myrrh, Jazmine, Gold, Silver, red wine, red or yellow gemstones, candles, a metal sheet, an amulet with his sigil, a ring etc…. You don’t need all of these. Just a few of them will do just fine. Let me show you some of the ones is will use to explain the ritual:

First we have the metal sheet with all important information about him, his personal sigil and the invocation sigils. His sheet shows that his direction is north so we prepare the invocation facing that direction. His elements are Air and Fire so this will indicate us that we should let him come to us by either one of these elements. In the case of Mammon I prefer to use the fire of a candle. Next is the silver chalice that holds the red wine. Mammon loves silver, gold and red wine, so it will be easy to call him and let him work for us.

The stones I use in this case as an offering are a diamond inserted in a golden ring. Yellow and red are his colors as well as the color of wealth so he will be pleased by them

Finally I surround the sheet with 5 candles, each of them representing one of the elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void.

The center candle in this case is the red one, representing the fire element

As empowering elements, I will use his amulet, I will show you the ones I use:

The first one is his basic amulet with his sigil and name and the second one is the enhanced amulet we use at Terra Incognita. As a third option you can use his sigil ring The sigil ring should be worn on one of your fingers, Index finger or middle finger do best. The ring should only be worn during the day. From our experience we found out that the enhanced amulet and ring works better and faster. Which one should you use? Let your intuition guide you. Your inner spirit will tell you which one works best for you.

How to start:

Now, how to start: As you can see in the video, I prepared the setup so you can copy it and use our way of doing the ritual.

In the front we have the metal sheet, just above the chalice with red wine, below the sheet the golden ring with the diamond and surrounding everything the 5 candles. When you light the candles, make sure to start with the red one first.

Your summoning altar is ready but now you have to prepare yourself. Start with a 15 -30 minutes’ meditation to make yourself empty and focused.

When you feel you are ready you start calling Mammon with his secret Enn, this is a special phrase, like a mantra and you repeat this 3 – 6 - 9 - 12 times or more. Always multiples of 3 until Mammon gives you the sign that he is present. While you repeat the mantra you focus on his sigil and draw the lines in your mind. This is very important because it is the seal that opens the gate to him. While you do all of this make sure you keep both hands together with your fingers pointing upwards.

Shako Timare Shee Nakar Do Mammon Tira Note Soma

This is not praying nor has it anything to do with religion. This is an energetic seal that makes the energy in your body flow in a different way. It represents the absence of duality, the state on mind in which there is no judgement, just acceptance.

Now enn you feel the connection with Mammon, you can state your petition. It is best to whisper, not saying it inside your head because it will be a lot harder to transmit the petition to him.

For example, in my case I would whisper: I, takaharu, by the power of abraxas, make this petition to you Mammon, great spirit. I ask you to guide me in this part of my project (give him indications about what you want to achieve). Don’t tell him how he should do this. He is a lot better than you in achieving goals. Let him do as he sees best. I make this petition for the benefit of all. Be swift and diligent in your task. Go out now and do my bidding. These offerings are presented to you as a reward for your assistance.

After this, stay about 5 minutes more in meditation to see if Mammon tells you something about this case you didn’t know. I experienced many times that Mammon gives a very swift answer.

This concludes the ritual, as you can see, very easy to do and extremely effective.

Is it necessary to have a metal sheet, amulet or ring? No, you can do without but it is just a lot more difficult. We created these amulets and sheets to speed up and empower our work and make it easier. Other types of rituals require a lot more preparation and tools. It’s completely up to you. If you want to try it, you will see the tremendous effects of these items.

This ritual does not serve to create or empower objects. For that purpose, a more elaborate ritual is needed we teach only to the members of the Terra Incognita Society.

I hope you enjoy the ritual, practice it and share your findings with us in the comments or our forum.

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The amulets used in this ritual

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