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What exactly is chaos magic

Before drawing any kind of conclusions, we should make it clear that the magic of chaos is not exactly what you think. If you are one of those people who do not know much about magic or magic rituals, we recommend you not to be fooled by the name of this magical practice, do not judge a book by its cover.

Chaos magic is an eclectic magic practice that is not subject to any system or set of dogmas that you can use as a basis for its use. It is a type of magic that can be used by anyone, and where anyone can put into practice any technique or ritual only to obtain solid and real results. It is a type of magic that forges its basis in the correct application of the techniques and in obtaining real results.

The magic of chaos is a practice that generates some debate among the people who belong to this peculiar world. The reason for this debate is that chaos magic prefers to focus on the results of each ritual and the correct execution of each technique, rather than on the symbolic and theological aspects, which represent traditional magic. With chaos magic, there is no specific or concrete method to make use of magic.

This kind of magic was originated in Yorkshire, England during the 1970s and was initially developed by Peter Carroll and Ray Sherwin. However, both are based on the theoretical development of Austin Osman Spare, who was the first to develop and put forward the first theories on this type of unique magic, which served as inspiration and influence for the integral development of chaos magic. For Peter Carroll, who also used his knowledge in mathematics to develop the fundamental bases of chaos magic, this type of magic is not subject to any power limit that the practitioner or magician may have.

Furthermore, both Peter Carroll and Ray Sherwin consider that through chaos magic any ritual can be put into practice and for any purpose, the primary objective is the correct application of the techniques used and the results obtained. Chaos magic seeks to determine which rituals work and which don't. As it is not subject to any specific rules or dogmas, the practitioner of this type of magic is free to adapt any technique or ritual to his or her taste, only to obtain solid and real results.

A phrase that represents very well the whole concept of the magic of chaos is, "Nothing is true, everything is allowed". This means that practitioners of this type of magic can theoretically do anything and perform any technique and ritual. In the last two decades, this type of magic has gained great popularity among practitioners of magic.

Although Chaos Magic is considered to be a free movement and one of the most disorganized branches of Magic, it has a large number of people who are affected by it. The main reason for this is that the main philosophy of chaos magic encourages the use of creativity and experimentation by its practitioners, the only objective is to obtain real results.

A curious case that many people, especially the detractors of this type of magic, often forget is that the magic of chaos is largely fed by concepts that come from science fiction, traditional magic, Wicca, Santeria, and even quantum physics. This is because chaos magic seeks to enter an altered state of consciousness to practice and use any technique or ritual from any branch of magic. This concept of the state of consciousness is called by Peter Carroll "Gnosis", which is indispensable to correctly practice the magic of chaos.

For the creators of chaos magic, the altered state of consciousness can be achieved in many ways, but the right way to achieve it is to use the techniques and rituals of the other branches of magic together. Of course, reaching Gnosis varies according to each practitioner of chaos magic, and each magician has a unique method for using this type of magic.

Most of the people that find out about the existence of this kind of magic fear it and immediately run away when they hear or read the word "chaos". They attribute this type of magic to being evil and able cause many evils and sorrows to people. However, for the creators and practitioners of this kind of magic, these statements are far from reality. The word "chaos" is just a way of defining that this type of magic is not based on the use of concrete or specific techniques, rituals or symbols, but that it uses the techniques and rituals of the other branches of magic together, and can also be used creatively by its practitioners.

For its creators and the people who practice this kind of magic, getting real results in the magic of chaos is not easy. It is necessary to establish a solid-state of consciousness where a state of thought or idea can be focused on the subconscious and where one can work correctly without the conscious mind affecting the performance of the magician and the rituals.

Besides, it is very important not to forget that the use of creativity is indispensable for the magic of chaos to be totally efficient. The magicians or the practitioners can adjust any technique or ritual from the others magic branches to their measure, through any system that allows them to arrive at an altered state of the conscience, or better known as Gnosis.

Chaos magic is a rather unique type of magic, where anyone can practice it. This type of magic does not use any prejudice, and through it, any ritual or set of systems can be used to obtain the results desired by the magician. Of all the branches of magic, it is perhaps the most curious and strange, due to how it is put into practice, but without a doubt, it has become one of the most studied in recent years.

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